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BPX Data Files & Reports

Effective July 1st, beginning with Junes Month End depletion reporting process, a few changes will affect the data files and reports within our BPX system;

RAD data file format change - To better serve our supplier partners, two new fields are being added to the end of the RAD Data File records;

       Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits division number - will help users that interact with data from multiple SWS divisions.

      9 Liter Cases - will help those that do reporting using 9 Liter Case equivalents

 Additional Field on Reports Based on requests from you, our Supplier partners, weve added the following field to all BPX reports;

       9 Liter Case Sales for both Current Year and Prior Year

 The addition of this information has increased the size of the reports somewhat, so please be aware that it may take slightly longer to download.

 Thank you for utilizing BPX for your depletion reporting needs


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